Survivor Art Warning

Keep in mind that survivor art is not about beauty. It reveals trauma...sometimes in a subtle way. Sometimes rather graphically. The beauty, to me, is in being a witness to my own healing from the images given to me by formerly traumatized and even suicidal alters.

Please use caution in viewing this site. I'm proud to be sufficiently healed to share this art (most of which was done from 1997 to 2000). All depicted in the images have integrated. This is me when I was "we".


Hard Candy

Starting off slowly to show how my system introduced me to themselves. Understand I had a room with piles of pictures torn out from magazines. Most adult alters came from fashion magazines. In every case, after digging through piles of pictures, eventually I would see a pattern or "recognize" someone I'd seen in a previous picture and go scavaging. Is this the same model? I have no idea. But there is no doubt the pictures belong with this one alter.

Notice the words "hair candy" and "hard candy" on the first two ads. It's hard to believe there would be two ads with someone with that facial expression in the world. Also, I have no pictures of a full body...just her head. Names of alters were given to me. I didn't make them up. Names weren't always reflected on the images but often were. This is Hard Candy. You can see the trauma in the first two pictures and the serenity of having healed in the third picture.

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