Survivor Art Warning

Keep in mind that survivor art is not about beauty. It reveals trauma...sometimes in a subtle way. Sometimes rather graphically. The beauty, to me, is in being a witness to my own healing from the images given to me by formerly traumatized and even suicidal alters.

Please use caution in viewing this site. I'm proud to be sufficiently healed to share this art (most of which was done from 1997 to 2000). All depicted in the images have integrated. This is me when I was "we".


Raven's World

Raven's World by grace2244

Apparently the third integration released a lot of need to communicate through art again. I love these healing "stories". Raven, who was so hardened and seemed emotionless, shows her trauma healing (the purple blob, Urban Decay eyeshadow, covered with flowers; blooms beginning to heal the craziness in lower right). It's a very peaceful collage to me. She's connecting to the little who is appearing in most (all?) of the collages I've been doing. Can't rave enough about Polyvore website.

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