Survivor Art Warning

Keep in mind that survivor art is not about beauty. It reveals trauma...sometimes in a subtle way. Sometimes rather graphically. The beauty, to me, is in being a witness to my own healing from the images given to me by formerly traumatized and even suicidal alters.

Please use caution in viewing this site. I'm proud to be sufficiently healed to share this art (most of which was done from 1997 to 2000). All depicted in the images have integrated. This is me when I was "we".


Current population of me

Population of State of Grace by grace2244

This is representative of my current state of being. Not much more than the few ego states most people have. You just don't zone out (likely) if another is taking control. It still shows three Graces, so possibly Grace as one embodies three of me. I'm the one at center left looking a little ditzy which is exactly how I've been. It's a pretty world :-) London is there because the Ian Fleming protector has a British accent. Yes, it's weird. But I love that he speaks that way.


cornnut32 said...

i think it's great your protector has a british accent. i wonder why?

have you ever read the book "when rabbit howls?" it may be trigger-rific (it was for me) but it was still a good book. the woman the book is about also had DID. her protector alter had a scottish accent. i just thought that was kind of interesting that yours is british.

your artwork is amazing. i wish i could collage so beautifully. (mine never turn out aesthetically pleasing.) i'm enthralled by them. :)

Grace said...

I have several theories. But when I found out he chose Ian Fleming as his persona, it made sense. Thank you for liking my collages. Most who do art therapy will say it's coming from someone else inside being channeled through me consciously. Others do collages completely dissociated with no memory of having done them. Surprise! It is an amazing process. I am clueless about art. I think I'm just balancing but I love some compared to others!

Rabbit Howls. Haven't read it. Don't want to. With all the triggering stuff I've read, some part of me refuses to read it. I listen to that part ;-O I have seen the author on talk shows. She is very interesting,